N-Body Simulation for Mac

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Simulates the behavior of particles under the influence of gravity




N-Body Simulation is a handy tool that simulates the behavior of particles under the force of gravity.

N-Body Simulation is developed using the Java programming language and can be run on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

· Drag the mouse with the left mouse button to rotate the view around the selected particle if follow is checked or move parallel to the view plane if follow is unchecked.  The view plane is defined as the plane perpendicular to the view direction and containing the position of the last particle followed ((0, 0, 0) initially).
· To zoom, drag the mouse up or down with the right mouse button
· To rotate the view, drag the mouse left or right with the right mouse button
· Press to hide/restore the interface
Last updated on December 23rd, 2012
N-Body Simulation - In the main window of the application you can choose the particle list and system.N-Body Simulation - In this window you can analyze simulation statistics.

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