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A powerful and user-friendly application that provides the tools required to turn metes and bounds data into a deed plot map using your Mac

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Metes and Bounds is a self-explanatory Mac OS X application specially designed to help you use metes and bounds data in order to generate deed plot maps.

Fully-featured metes and bounds app for your Mac

Metes and Bounds comes with a user-oriented interface that provides quick and easy access to most of its tools and features. Consequently, you can easily enter curves, lines and section calls using the Data Entry Form, via the word processor style entry or by using the call drawing tool.

On top of that, Metes and Bounds makes it easy to work with layers and have multiple deeds on a single drawing. Moreover, layers can be easily locked to a common starting point or free floating.

Take advantage of the advanced calculator and speed up your work

Thanks to the powerful built-in calculator you can determine the perimeter distance and calculate if the survey closes or not. On top of that, you have the option to calculate closure error ratios and the call needed to close the plot.

You can use Metes and Bounds’s closing error analyzer tools to find common entry or survey errors and read suggestions on how to fix them. Another useful and reliable feature is the Auto-Completion of drawing function that can help you out when you have missing final segments or land plotting data.

Easily fix bad or missing plot data

Metes and Bounds is capable to fix a bad or missing call, you just have to place a question mark and let Metes and Bounds do the hard work for you. Furthermore, you are allows to use multiple measurement units, from feet, meters and rods to chains, varas and other popular measurement types.

Beside handling multiple layers and merging them into a single layer with the help of the Merge Layer Tool, Metes and Bounds is also capable to estimate the distance between any given two points on the map.

Metes and Bounds was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 25th, 2015
Metes and Bounds - From Metes and Bounds' main window you can create deed plot maps with ease.Metes and Bounds - The File menu helps you create new drawings, import and export call lists and save your project.Metes and Bounds - By accessing the Edit menu, you can undo the last layer move, copy drawings as pictures and clear current calls.Metes and Bounds - screenshot #4Metes and Bounds - screenshot #5Metes and Bounds - screenshot #6Metes and Bounds - screenshot #7Metes and Bounds - screenshot #8Metes and Bounds - screenshot #9Metes and Bounds - screenshot #10

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