MATLAB 8.3 R2014b

Integrates mathematical computing, visualization and a language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing, visualization and programming
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What's new in MATLAB 8.3 R2014b:

  • Desktop:
  • Git and Subversion source control system integration through Current Folder browser, including syncing from Web-hosted repositories such as those on GitHub
  • Packaging of custom MATLAB toolboxes into a single, installable file
  • Dialog box for managing custom MATLAB toolboxes
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MATLAB is and advanced language and interactive environment specially made for numerical computation, programming and visualization.

Multi-paradigm numerical computing environment

By using MATLAB, you can analyze data, create applications, models and develop algorithms. Thanks to the offered tools, language and built-in mathematical functions you can scrutinize various approaches and find a solution much faster than with traditional programming languages and spreadsheets.

MATLAB can be used for a wide variety of applications that range from communications and signal processing to control systems, video processing, computational finance and biology, test and measurement.

Numeric computation

You can use MATLAB’s built-in mathematical functions to solve all sorts of engineering and science problems. The provided numerical computation methods can help you develop algorithms, analyze data or create models.

The MATLAB language cover numerous mathematical functions with support for popular science and engineering operations. Vector and matrix calculations are smoothly executed thanks to the processor-optimized libraries used by the core math functions.

Data analyzer and visualizer

Furthermore, MATLAB comes with the necessary tools to collect, analyze and visualize data in order to gain a better understanding of your data. You can also document and share the obtained results using complex plots and reports.

What is more, you can acquire data from files, databases, external devices or other applications. MATLAB features support for spreadsheet files, text and binary files, multimedia files, as well as netCDF and HDF files.

Once the data is collected, you can manage, filter and pre-process it, perform exploratory data analysis and reveal trends, test assumptions and construct descriptive models. On top of that, you can use the built-in 2D and 3D plot functions along with the volume visualization functions to display your data.

Flexible MATLAB language

The MATLAB language offers native support for matrix and vector operations that you can use to solve a plethora of problems from different fields. Moreover, you can write programs and create algorithms without performing low-level administrative tasks. In your development process you can take advantage of numerous development tools, deploy applications and even generate standalone C code.

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Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.4 or later (Intel only)

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