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A free and open source mathematical modeling application that provides the required tools to animate and visualize parametric and implicit surfaces

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MathMod is a lightweight, yet powerful Mac OS X application specially designed to help you visualize and animate implicit and parametric surfaces using various equations.

Versatile and intuitive mathematical modeling app

MathMod comes with a user-oriented interface that makes it easy for you to type and edit parametric equations and change the color of the rendered surfaces, grids and background. All changes made to the colors or the grid can be previewed in real-time.

Thanks to the built-in script editor, you can preview and edit the generated script, and test run it with just a click of a mouse button. The Tree view helps you view all components in an easy-to-read list.

Support for 3D and 4D hypersurfaces

With MathMod’s help, you can plot and animate 3D, as well as 4D surfaces and output the result in the OBJ file format. At the same time, the Project menu helps you load a json script and convert and existing K3DS scripts into JS scripts in order to load them in the app.

The top toolbar offers you quick and easy access to the impressive set of scripted examples that you can instantly load in MathMod. All examples are organized in isosurfaces and parametric surfaces, fact that enables you to effortlessly find an example.

Large collection of editable examples

Moreover, MathMod allows you to create your own selection of examples by adding any of the existing entires to “My Selection” group via the context menu. MathMod also helps you enable or disable the animation, morphing, triangle, mesh, fill, normales, smooth and information feature.

Using only your mouse, you can zoom in or out, rotate, scale and pan the generated surface while the bottom toolbar helps you take snapshots of the model, change the Iso and parametric colors and add or remove the transparency.

By accessing the Configuration Options window, you can adjust the memory usage settings and save your configuration to a config file.

MathMod was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 3rd, 2015
MathMod - From MathMod's main window you can visualize and animate implicit and parametric surfacesMathMod - You can easily preview, edit and analyze the script according to your preferences.MathMod - screenshot #3MathMod - The Project menu helps you load a json script and convert the current script to K3DS script.MathMod - screenshot #5MathMod - screenshot #6MathMod - screenshot #7MathMod - screenshot #8

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