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A simple similarity/identity matrix generator in Java






MatGAT (Matrix Global Alignment Tool) is a free and simple, easy to use similarity/identity matrix generator.

MatGAT calculates the similarity and identity between every pair of DNA or protein sequences in a given data set without needing pre-alignment of the data.

MatGAT performs a series of pair-wise alignments, calculates similarity and identity, and then places the results in a distance matrix.

Data may be input into MatGAT as a cut and paste function or using a browse function for larger files.

Files must be plain text in the standard FASTA format with multiple sequence analysis if each has a FASTA title line starting with ">".

Files of up to 100 DNA or protein sequences have been analyzed successfully using MatGAT. The user may specify which type of alignment matrix (BLOSUM, PAM, etc.) he may want to employ with his DNA or protein sequences.
Last updated on August 10th, 2011
MatGAT - Here you can make some gene input.MatGAT - Results can be visualized in this panel.MatGAT - Some gene configuration can be made this way.

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