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A fully-featured and user-oriented DNA and Protein sequence analysis application specially made for researchers, students and professors

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MacVector is a powerful and comprehensive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools for sequence editing, protein analysis, primer design, multiple sequence alignment, internet database queries, coding region analysis, phylogenetic reconstruction and more.

Graphical sequence editing

Thanks to MacVector, you can easily read and write DNA and Protein sequences in the desired file format. What is more, the “Click Cloning” graphical interface makes it easy for you to simulate laboratory cloning experiments in order to create new molecules.

The fully functional Sequence Editor helps you edit sequences, annotations and features. Moreover, all feature locations are correctly maintained during edits while the audio function playbacks the selected residues for easier proofreading.

Topo Cloning and auto-annotation capabilities

Technologies provides by Invitrogen, such as Gateway, Zero Blunt and TOPO TA kits are fully supported by MacVector. Consequently, you can replicate biological manipulations and create new molecules with the correct sequences across the recombination and cloning junctions.

By using MacVector, you can scan unannotated or fractionally annotated sequences against a folder on your Mac’s hard disk, let MacVector find matching features in sequences and add them to your sequence. You can use this feature to maintain a properly curated set of the desired genes and sequences.

DNA and Protein analysis

MacVector also comes with numerous DNA analysis tools that cover anything from base composition analysis, DNA subsequence searchers, restriction enzyme searches, “Dot-Plot” comparisons between DNA:DNA and DNA:Protein sequences.

You can reverse translate protein sequences into DNA, compare them using the “Dot-Plot” analysis and scanned for Proteolytic cleavages sites, as well as amino acid sequences motifs.

Built-in primer design tool and database query engine

What is more, MacVector helps you design primers from PCR or Sequencing / Hybridization probes with the helps of numerous primer design functions that include versatile scanning functions such as the Primer3 algorithm.

Using the Internet connection you can connect to the NCBI BLAST and Entrez databases and search for DNA and protein sequences based on authors, features, keywords and download them directly from within MacVector.

MacVector was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 31st, 2015
MacVector - The MacVector main window where you can open and preview DNA and Protein sequence files and analyze the dataMacVector - Via the MacVector Analyze menu you get to apply complex data analysis patterns in order to extract relevant information for your data filesMacVector - The MacVector application offers you the possibility to effortlessly perform searches on the BLAST online DNA and Protein sequences databaseMacVector - screenshot #4MacVector - screenshot #5MacVector - screenshot #6MacVector - screenshot #7MacVector - screenshot #8MacVector - screenshot #9MacVector - screenshot #10MacVector - screenshot #11

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