MAFFT for Mac

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Command line application for Mac OS X that offers you the possibility to apply multiple alignment techniques for amino acid or nucleotide sequences






MAFFT is a Mac OS X utility that enables you to align and analyze multiple sequences from the command line.

The application can be installed manually, or you can choose to use the installer package provided by the developers.

After the installation process is over, you can easily interact with the MAFFT app via the OS X Terminal utility. You get to view MAFFT usage details by typing the following command in the Terminal window: “mafft --help”.

MAFFT is able to work with both amino acid and nucleotide sequences, and can use multiple alignment methods, such as L-INS-i or FFT-NS-2.
Last updated on June 18th, 2015
MAFFT - A Terminal utility window where you can view usage guidelines for the MAFFT command line application and take advantage of its capabilities

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