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Lightweight and low-key formula calculator for OS X designed to help you perform various calculations using constants and mathematical functions

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Marko Reinert’s JGMsmart.TC aims to be a simple and streamlined math formula calculator for OS X, designed from the get-go to stay out of your way at all times and to help you calculate even the most difficult mathematical formulas with a simple click of the mouse.

Simple to use yet comprehensive formula calculator tool for your Mac

The JGMsmart.TC application comes as a menu bar based Mac utility, with a minimal and user-friendly interface that will make it easy to quickly calculate virtually any formula you can think of.

Moreover, JGMsmart.TC’s interface features two buttons that give you access to the app’s libraries of constants and functions which, although not that large, can effortlessly be expanded by adding your own custom entries. As a result, once you add your most used functions to its library, JGMsmart.TC will become even easier to use and will fit within your workflow even better.

Built-in support for variables and session history

In addition, each time you calculate a formula the result can be send to a variable, readily available for inclusion in subsequent formulas. Even more, once you have performed a number of calculations, you can effortlessly go through all of them at any time using JGMsmart.TC’s history feature.

What’s more, JGMsmart.TC can also be used to include your own variable within a calculation. The variable recognized by JGMsmart.TC is named “m” and it can be set manually or automatically, as the result of a formula.

Makes it very simple to export the formula you're working on to other apps

Furthermore, to simplify your task to a greater extent, the JGMsmart.TC tool may also be configured to automatically copy the formula and its result to your Mac’s clipboard, for easy inclusion within a paper or for quickly sharing with friends and colleagues working on the same mathematical problem as you.

Everything considered, JGMsmart.TC is a great help for anyone that has to calculate mathematical based formulas on a daily basis. The only thing it lacks, at the moment, is global hot-keys support for allowing you to activate and deactivate the calculator window without having to use the mouse.

JGMsmart.TC was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 26th, 2015
JGMsmart.TC - Witn JGMsmart.TC's main window, users can enter the formula they want to calculate, using the functions and constants that come built-in within the app.JGMsmart.TC - From the Constants Collection window, you will be able to easily add any of the available constants within your formula with a simple double click of the mouse.JGMsmart.TC - In the Formula Collection dialog, one can quickly pick the function he needs with a double mouse click.JGMsmart.TC - screenshot #4JGMsmart.TC - screenshot #5JGMsmart.TC - screenshot #6JGMsmart.TC - screenshot #7

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