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A free and interactive visualization program that allows users to observe the particle positions of gases, stars, disks, and dark matter halos of a N-body simulation snapshot






Glnemo2 is a free and interactive 3D visualization application that shows you the the particle positions of the different components (gas, stars, disk, dark mater halo, bulge) of an N-body snapshot.

Moreover, Glnemo2 is a very useful tool for everybody running N-body simulations from isolated galaxies to cosmological simulations.

In addition, Glnemo2 can quickly display a lot of information about data by revealing shapes, dense areas, formation of structures such as spirals arms, bars, peanuts or clumps of galaxies.

Also, Glnemo2 has been designed to meet the requirements of the user, with simplicity in mind, easy to install, easy to use with an interactive and responsive graphical user interface (based on Nokia QT 4.X API), powerful with a fast 3D engine (OPenGL and GLSL), and generic with the possibility to load different kinds of input files.
Last updated on February 14th, 2015
Glnemo2 - This is the main window where you'll be able to visualize in 3D different components.Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2Glnemo2

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