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Free and open source mathematics software solution designed to help teachers in secondary schools to teach geometry, algebra and calculus a lot easier

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GeoGebra is a dynamic mathematics education application for all education levels, designed to unite the algebra, geometry, and calculus mathematics fields within a uniform and intuitive interface.

Helps you understand mathematical theory using practical examples

GeoGebra enables you to create constructions using points, lines, conic sections, vectors, segments, functions and to dynamically modify them when needed.

Moreover, GeoGebra makes it simple and straightforward to enter all the equations and coordinates used in your mathematical constructions directly.

Thus, GeoGebra has the ability to deal with variables, points and vectors, provides you with commands like Root and Extremum and allows you to easily finds derivatives and integrals for functions.

Designed for all math knowledge levels

The GeoGebra software can be used by all types of students from elementary school up to university students, because of its great versatility and capability to adapt to a wide variety of mathematical inquiries.

Once a Geogebra model has been created, the user can effortlessly interact with it and modify it by dragging around the objects that compose it or by changing the parameters of the mathematical construction.

Design and generate interactive graphs and plots

As an added bonus, most mathematical constructions generated using the GeoGebra utility can encompass various types of interactive content, from geometrical shapes and graphs to calculus formulas.

For beginners, the GeoGebra developers provide a comprehensive tutorial section on their website, all created to help even the most inexperienced user to get started producing great content in a matter of minutes or hours.

Wide selection of math experiment tutorials

GeoGebra tutorials vary in form, from step by step graphical and text based ones to video tutorials that will help you grasp the way GeoGebra should be used to obtain the best results a lot easier.

Furthermore, the GeoGebra website also offers an exhaustive help section, that will allow you to get started using the app taking advantage of a detailed explanation for each an every feature available via its interface.

Support for a vast number of language, operating systems and platforms

What's more, GeoGebra is available in multiple languages spoken by hundreds of millions of people across the globe and it can also be used on a large assortment of platforms, on desktop devices running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux or on iOS, Android and Windows mobile ones.

GeoGebra was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 1st, 2015

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