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A noteworthy and straightforward cross-platform application that will speed up and simplify research in biochemistry/molecular biology

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Geneious is a well-designed and powerful sequence alignment, assembly and analysis application for genomics, microbiology, virology, infectious disease, synthetic biology, ecology, conservation genetics, population genetics, evolutionary biology, agriculture, crop and plant science.

Intuitive and easy-to-use editing and analysis tools

Thanks to the visual sequence alignment and editing you can effortlessly choose the desired algorithms to precisely align sequences without working with multiple files. You can also view annotations on the alignments, remove or insert gaps, strip columns, fix bad calls and join sequences.

What is more, you can display phylogeny along with the alignment and link back to a tree, and use the highlighting feature to quickly locate disagreements.

User-oriented graphical interface and trustworthy reference mapping

Regardless of your data type, you can use Geneious to quickly assemble it using fine-tuned and advanced algorithms. On top of that, you can enjoy the eye-catching genome browser, sequence assembly and reference mapping.

The versatile Geneious Assemble is designed to manage read errors caused by incorrect bases or short indels. Furthermore, Geneious is capable to handle data from various types of sequencing machines with reads of different lengths, including paired-reads and mixed reads from different sequencing machines.

Hence, you can assemble multiple combinations of Sanger, 454, SOLiD and Illumina data at the same time. You can even read arbitrarily large documents like NGS reads or contig assemblies.

Advanced molecular cloning

Moreover, Geneious can help your design primers, simulate PCR and test cloning strategies using smart tools for Gibson and restriction cloning. Thanks to the PlasMapper you can automatically annotate plasmid maps and expression vectors.

In addition, you can highlight plasmids using terminators, common promoters, restriction sites, cloning sites, affinity tags, reporter genes, replication origins, open reading frames and selectable marker genes.

By using Geneious, you can insert DNA fragments into a vector with matching overhangs, ligate multiple fragments with matching overhangs, simulate restriction cloning, InFusion Cloning and Gibson Assembly, conversional PCR and TOPO cloning.

Geneious was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Geneious - From Geneious' main window you will be able to load, preview and analyze DNA or RNA protein sequences.Geneious - Gene information can also be viewed using the available text mode.Geneious - In the Info tab you can easily view the name, description, genetic code, organism, topology and taxonomy.Geneious - screenshot #4Geneious - screenshot #5Geneious - screenshot #6Geneious - screenshot #7Geneious - screenshot #8Geneious - screenshot #9Geneious - screenshot #10Geneious - screenshot #11

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