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A simple, yet powerful Java based application that enables users to model molecular cloning, analyze sequences and review DNA molecules





Gene Studio is a simple, small, easy to use, Java based application designed to offer users a tool for modeling of DNA manipulation.

Furthermore, GeneStudio allows you to work with vectors, to design primers, to clone molecules and provide user friendly interface.

Moreover, GeneStudio can be used for modeling of molecular cloning, sequence analysis and review of DNA molecules. Gene Studio can opens molecule files in FASTA and GeneBank format and stores information in XML files in GML format (Gene Studio Meta Language).

The import from GeneBank format is complicated and sometimes not all genes can be marked by Gene Studio. It is not necessary and even not recommended to edit GML files manually, but here is the description of GML file format.
Last updated on May 8th, 2015
GeneStudio - Visualizing a sequence.GeneStudio - Here you can access some sequence analysis actions.GeneStudio - Various properties are available in this panel.GeneStudio

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