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A free and versatile program that enables users to process X-ray and neutron reflective or diffractive data using a differential evolution algorithm






GenX is a versatile program using the differential evolution algorithm for fitting X-ray and neutron reflectivity data.

For simulating specular reflectivity GenX utilizes the Parratt recursion formula.

The program is easily extensible, allowing users to incorporate their own models into the program. This can be useful for fitting data from other scattering experiments, or for any other minimization problem which has a large number of input parameters and/or contains many local minima, where the differential evolution algorithm is suitable. In addition, GenX manages to fit an arbitrary number of data sets simultaneously.
Last updated on December 31st, 2014
GenX - From GenX's main window, you can load and analyze your data with just a couple of mouse clicks.GenX - You can copy the graph, simulation or table by accessing the Edit menu.GenX - Zoom in or out and autoscale the graphic and change the y scale via the View menu.GenXGenXGenXGenX

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