GPSTk 2.1

Provides an open source library and suite of applications to the satellite navigation community

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What's new in GPSTk 2.1:

  • Version 2.1 is comprised of SVN revision number 3143 to Git revision number 51594ad
  • A number of modifications were made to Jamfiles, Makefiles, and source for clean compilation (no warnings or errors) & compatibility with the latest Cygwin, Windows 7 VS, Solaris 10 Sparc, and Mac OX X Lion (10.7.5).
  • Base CMake files have been added for future CMake support, still in developmentstages.
  • The next planned release, GPSTk v2.2, will be a minor upgrade that will introducea new fully functioning CMake cross-platform build system and deprecation of someolder supported platforms.
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The GPSTk Team
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GPSTk provides an open source library and suite of applications to the satellite navigation community -- to free researchers to focus on research, not lower level coding.GPSTk brings you the frameworks and algorithms supporting the development of analysis and processing applications in navigation and global positioning.

The GPSTk suite consists of a core library, auxiliary libraries, and a setof applications. The GPSTk provides a wide array of functions that solve processing problems associated with GPS such as processing or using standard formats such as RINEX. The libraries are the basis for the more advanced applications distributed as part of the GPSTk suite.

The GPSTk core library provides the most robust, broadly useful, and platform independent code in the GPSTk. It provides a number of models and algorithms found in GPS textbook and classic papers, such as solving for the user position or estimating atmospheric refraction. Common formats are supported as well, such as RINEX or SP3.

Last updated on June 29th, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)


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