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Simulates how the infectious diseases spread int he world






GLEaMviz Simulator is a unique, eas to use software system for the simulation of infectious emerging diseases spreading across the world.

Using GLEaM, a stochastic computational model that integrates high-resolution demographic and mobility data worldwide, GLEaMviz Simulator simulates disease spreading on the worldwide scale. 

Configure the highly flexible disease compartmental model and simulation scenario, by setting compartment-specific variables, transitions, environmental effects, initial conditions.

Explore the results of the simulation in terms of dynamic maps and charts that describe quantitatively the geotemporal evolution of the disease.

Share the user-friendly interface with a broad audience of users, as no specific modeling or computational expertise is required.

Access the Simulator to assess epidemic scenarios, predict infectious disease evolution, manage health emergencies.

GLEaMviz Simulator is a client-server system. Users interact with the GLEaMviz system through the client application, which is used to define simulations, keep a history of performed simulations, and visualize and/or export the simulation results.

The GLEaMviz server performs the actual simulations after receiving the necessary instructions from the client, and serves the numerical results back to the client.
Last updated on April 26th, 2015
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