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A well-designed and smooth-running application that provides the tools and features required to organize and document your scientific experiments

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Findings is a straightforward laboratory notebook that enables you to effortlessly manage and organize your experiments.

Easily keep track of your experiments and follow your progress

Thanks to Findings you can keep all your experiments in one place and sort, manage and group them based on various criteria.

From Findings’ user-oriented interface you can quickly view your ongoing experiments, check your daily tasks and analyze completed experiments. All completed experiments are automatically stored along with your notes and the used protocols.

Moreover, Findings helps you assign experiments to specific projects and, as a result, you can find the needed information more easier.

Assign protocols and schedule experiments with ease

With Findings’ help you can schedule experiments for the upcoming week and create new experiments with drag and drop gestures. As follows, you just have to drag and drop protocols into your week and reschedule experiments if necessary.

Findings also enables you to run multiple protocols at the same time over any given period of time. Furthermore, Findings allows you to organize your protocols into multiple groups based on their filed of activity.

In other words, Findings helps you keep track of your progress and keep an eye on all running experiments with ease. Thus, you can follow your progress, add notes, change the experiment conditions and check the completed steps.

All experiments an be accompanied by attachment files that are automatically copied and organized in your Findings library. You can attach anything you want, from a ruby script to spreadsheets and pictures.

Store your Findings library on your local hard drive or in the cloud

In addition, Findings offers you the option to store your library in the cloud and make it available to other Macs via Dropbox.

What is more, Findings makes it easy for you to browse, edit, organize and share your protocols with other users. Protocols are essential to building your experiments and you can drag them into the calendar view of an experiment in order integrate it into the experiment.

All in all, Findings is a powerful and intuitive Mac OS X application that you can use to prepare, plan and track your laboratory experiments.

Findings was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
Findings - From Findings's main window you can preview and organize your experiments with ease.Findings - You can easily attach notes and documents to your experiments and schedule your tasks.Findings - The Protocols tab helps you manage your protocols and organize them into various groups.Findings - screenshot #4Findings - screenshot #5Findings - screenshot #6Findings - screenshot #7Findings - screenshot #8

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