Digital Filters for Mac1.2d

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Java based physics simulator that filters digital signals and plays the output on your speakers





Digital Filters is a Java based demonstration and simulation of digital audio filters. You should hear a noise waveform when the applet starts up. If you get a message "Need java 2 for sound", then you should get the Java plug-in.

The applet starts up with a low-pass filter. It shows the frequency response of the filter, the spectrum of the filtered waveform being played, the waveform itself, and the impulse response of the filter. Click on the response curve to change the cutoff frequency.

You can use the popup menus on the right to select another filter or input file.
Last updated on April 26th, 2014
Digital Filters - By accessing the main applet window you will be able to select the input as well as add filters.Digital Filters - The Input drop-down menu allows you to select one of the available input modes.Digital Filters - One can also add multiple filters from the Filters drop-down menu.

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