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A productivity centered and easy to use electronic circuit analysis tool for Mac OS X users which uses the modified node analysis method

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Circuit Lab is a scientific Mac OS X software solution which uses the modified node analysis method to help you analyze electronic circuits.

With Circuit Lab, you can perform 4 kinds of analysis types. One is AC that includes linear and non linear circuits with sinusoidal current and voltage sources. Another type of analysis is DC with linear and non linear circuits with continuous voltage and current sources.

Furthermore, Circuit Lab allows for transient analysis with linear and non linear circuits and sinusoidal and pulse voltage sources. Finally, the fourth type is multifrequency AC analysis for analyzing the circuit behavior in a range of frequencies.

Circuit Lab features a Cocoa based interface which contains the toolbar with the most commonly used actions, the main area for graphically viewing the circuits and the Components and Results panes.

By clicking on the AC button, you can get the voltage phasors at each circuit note. Also, the DC button retrieves the voltage at each circuit node.

Furthermore, before analyzing a circuit, you can draw it on the main area of the user interface. In order to create related graphs, you can select the appropriate phasors.

The toolbar also includes the Transient button that enables you to analyze the circuit's behavior and display the graphs for the voltage.

In order to help you analyze circuit parameters even further, Circuit Lab also includes a built-in Ammeter and Voltmeter.

The diversity of a circuit can be expanded by adding various elements, such as inductors, resistors, capacitors, operation amplifiers, zener diodes and much more. All the circuit elements can be included and manage from a personal library.

Additionally, Circuit Lab also offers support for printing circuits and graphs. You can print multifrequency AC Analysis graphs, AC analysis graphs, circuits and component list and transient Analysis graphs.

Circuit Lab was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 19th, 2014
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