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A practical and user-friendly utility specially designed to help you determine the day of the week for different past or future dates

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Chrono Machine is a lightweight and easy-to-use utility that enables you to travel in time and find out the day of the week for a certain date along with other useful information.

From Chrono Machine’s intuitive interface you have access to a total of five different tabs that can help you discover different things. The Day tab helps you determine the day of the week for a certain past or future date. Thus, you can find out the day of your birthday or on which day of the week the First World War started.

On top of that you can find out what is the current Islamic and Bengali year or what were or will be the Islamic or Bengali years in a past of future year. You can also switch between the Julian, Gregorian, Bengali or Islamic calendar by accessing the Calendar Table slide sheet. In addition, you can add or remove other Eras beside the Bengali and Islamic ones via the Calendar Manager.

The Years tab helps you discover the years in which a given date falls upon a certain day of the week. You can calculate from 1000 BC or 1 AD onwards. All periods are displayed with a different color in order for you to identify years more easier.

By accessing the Christmas or the Epiphany tab, you can find out the day of the week of Epiphany and Christmas from 100 CE to 5000 CE and view a detailed description of each event. Moreover, the Easter tab helps you view the dates of Easter Sundays from the first century up to 5000 CE along with the Easter date for each ear.

All in all, Chrono Machine is a handy and intuitive application that provides the necessary tools and features to quickly look up dates from within a user-oriented interface.

Chrono Machine was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 1st, 2014
Chrono Machine - In this window you can make date calculations.Chrono Machine - You can also make year calculations.Chrono Machine - Here you can calculate Christmas dates.Chrono Machine - screenshot #4Chrono Machine - screenshot #5Chrono Machine - screenshot #6

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