Bungee Jumping Model

Simulates a bungee jump
Bungee Jumping Model - Preparing the bungee jump simulation.
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Bungee Jumping Model is a unique simulation where a bungee jumper is dropped from a tower with a fixed length of bungee cord.

The simulation operator can control the height of the tower, the stiffness of the bungee cord (determined by its spring constant k), the unstretched length of the bungee cord and the jumper's mass.

The player buttons are the play/pause button, the rewind (to t=0) button and the reset button (resets all parameters to initial values).

The operator may optionally display the forces acting on the jumper and a plot of the g-forces versus time.

Note that the simulation measures the altitude in terms of the location of his feet, thus he hits the ground if his feet get within his 1.7m of height to the ground.

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January 17th, 2012, 17:43 GMT
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Michael R Gallis
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Mac OS X
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Bungee Jumping Model
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2 Screenshots
Bungee Jumping Model - The simulation result.

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