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Tool to find semantic links between biosimulation models




BioSimConnector is a free, easy-to-use and Java based tool that finds semantic connections between annotated biosimulation models.

The connection paths are designed to facilitate the integration of multiple biological models and compose more complex systems.

In other words, BioSimConnector employs a custom RDF triple store that integrates information from the BioModels database, the CellML model repository, and the Homo sapiens Reactome in order to discover model-model connections.

BioSimConnector is a cross-platform utility capable of running on any operating system that comes with Java support (e.g. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).
Last updated on September 29th, 2012
BioSimConnector - The app allows you to discover semantic connections between annotated biosimulation models.BioSimConnector - From the File menu, you will be able to find the path between the annotated biosimulation models.

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