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Bingo Caller Pro - Playing a bingo game.
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Bingo Caller Pro provides a complete bingo experience for users wanting more features than those provided by the free Bingo Caller.

When you open Bingo Caller Pro, you see the window below which is suitable for a display with 800 x 600 pixel resolution. Bingo Caller Pro can be used with a projector and an audio system for a large gathering or just used on a Mac for personal use.

Main features:

  • Flash Board: The Flash Board displays the full range of 75 numbers in the appropriate rows of B through O with 15 numbers each. These black numbers have a white background which turns yellow when called.
  • Bonanza Games: When Bonanza is selected, the quantity of pre-called numbers can be chosen from 38 to 45 for the Setup.
  • Automatic or Manual "Calling": BCP allows the numbers to be called automatically at an adjustable rate or at the discretion of the Operator.
  • Sound: If preferred, the numbers can be called using the voice of the computer. Sound is always ON during a Speedy game and during Call Back.
  • Speedy Game: When Speedy is selected, most of the text is changed to Red. The Full Card is shown as the Winning Pattern, but a different Winning Pattern can be selected, and a second alternating Winning Pattern can be added. In Automatic mode, the numbers are called at a rapid pace. The calling rate can be adjusted using the "Calling Speed" slider. Sound is ON automatically during a Speedy game, and only the Letter and Number are called.
  • Winning Patterns: BCP supports up to two Winning Patterns. If two Winning Patterns are selected, the Winning Pattern display alternates between the Patterns. The "Patterns" menu item brings up a window to allow the Operator to create or to edit Winning Patterns.
  • Game Pays: A Drop-Down menu allows the Operator to select the Prize amount from 0 to $250.
  • Wild Number: BCP allows a Wild Number other than "N" to be "called" at the start of the session. The Wild Number is displayed for the remainder of the bingo session unless the Operator decides to turn Wild Number OFF, in which case Wild Number remains OFF for the remainder of the session.
  • Last Called Number: The Number of the last called number is displayed.
  • Next Number Display: The Number to be called next is displayed.
  • Numbers Called Display: The Quantity of called numbers to that point in the game is displayed.
  • Call Back: Click the Call Back button to hear UNCALLED numbers on the Flash Board (e.g., when checking the validity of a "Bingo"). Hold down the Shift key and click on the Call Back button to hear CALLED numbers. The Calling Rate of CALLED numbers is adjustable by the Operator from 5 to 15 seconds between numbers. Press both the "Command" and "s" keys together on the keyboard to stop calling of CALLED or UNCALLED numbers.
  • Calling Speed: When BCP is in the Automatic mode, the Calling Speed slider can be set by the Operator to change the rate the numbers are called. The Calling Speed range is adjustable from 15 to 5 seconds. The Calling Speed is shown digitally from 0 to 100 for convenience.
  • Even/Odd: Select the "Even" button to call only even numbers. Select the "Odd" button to call only odd numbers. If there is a Wild Number which is not even when "Even" is selected, the Wild Number is ignored for that game. If there is a Wild Number which is not odd when "Odd" is selected, the Wild Number is ignored for that game.
  • Zippy: The Zippy button causes ALL numbers to be called silently and displayed on the Flash Board. (Zippy can be used to demonstrate that all numbers will be called.) Press both the "Command" and "z" keys together on the keyboard to stop Zippy.
  • Billboard: When Billboard is selected, called numbers, except in the Bonanza setup, are displayed in very large font on top of the Flash Board for approximately two seconds, after which time the Flash Board is displayed until the next called number.
  • Above you see a screenshot showing a called number when the BillBoard checkbox is selected.
  • Stomp Message: Press both the "Command" and "Option" keys together on the keyboard to bring up a flashing message that reminds players to "stomp" colored numbers. Press both the "Command" and "Control" keys together to clear that message.
  • Reminders: BCP reminds are designed to alert you if you forget to select the options for a Game Pays amount, a Wild Number or a Winning Pattern.

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September 14th, 2014, 14:08 GMT
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Custom Solutions of Maryland
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Mac OS X 10.2 or later
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Universal Binary
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4 Screenshots
Bingo Caller Pro - This menu allows you to choose the batch size.Bingo Caller ProBingo Caller Pro
What's New in version 3.2.0
  • Compiled for 32 bit Cocoa.
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