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A powerful and versatile CAD utility that provides its users the ability to create great architecture as well as increase productivity

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ArchiCAD is a well-designed and fully-featured Mac OS X application that provides a distraction free environment that enables architects to focus on their work and avoid disruptions.

Helps you translate your creativity into impressive designs

Thanks to ArchiCAD’s Building Information Modeling approach, you can concentrate on your work, explore new ideas and let ArchiCAD capture every detail and synchronize your documents at all times.

With ArchiCAD’s real-tim BIM collaboration environment, you can take advantage of the smart, model-based workflow that you can share with your team members in order to increase your efficiency in the designing process.

Easily collaborate with other architects and enjoy the reliable data-exchange between users

Moreover, ArchiCAD helps you model and shape freely to create complex items, and innovative designs, which can be viewed from different angles. You can also combine the provided creative freedom with the efficiency of the powerful Building Information Model.

ArchiCAD comes with a comprehensive list of tools that you can use throughout your project while the direct modeling capabilities in the native BIM environment along with the end-to-end BIM workflow based on Priority Based Connections, together with the MORPH tool and Intelligent Building Materials make ArchiCAD a must have for both novice and experienced architects.

Let ArchiCAD do the hard work for you and effortlessly create 3D Building Information Models

Furthermore, ArchiCAD is capable to automatically create the required documentation and images for your 3D Building Information Model while the priority based junctions and the intelligent building materials provide the accurate graphical representations of the elements and materials used in the project.

What is more, ArchiCAD offer numerous view settings, unique drawing handling and advanced publishing capabilities that you can use to save your drawing sets with ease.

At the same time, the Geometric Description Language provides all the information required to faithfully describe the construction elements as 2D CAD symbols, 3D models and text specifications that can be used in drawings, presentations and quantity calculations.

ArchiCAD was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 13th, 2015
ArchiCAD - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to view and edit the desired project.ArchiCAD - Right clicking on the project will provide you with the means to customize layers, zoom to selections as well as select and activate tools.ArchiCAD - From the View menu you can access navigation, trace, guide line, special snap and grid snap options.ArchiCAD - screenshot #4ArchiCAD - screenshot #5ArchiCAD - screenshot #6ArchiCAD - screenshot #7ArchiCAD - screenshot #8ArchiCAD - screenshot #9ArchiCAD - screenshot #10ArchiCAD - screenshot #11

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