Always on Top Calculator for Mac4.8.6

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A simple, low-key and standard-looking Mac OS X calculator that always stays on top of other windows, whether it is active or not

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Always on Top Calculator is a basic calculator for the Mac OS X platform that has the advantage of always staying on top of other windows. It comes with a standard, dark and minimal user interface and supports your keyboard’s input and, of course, your mouse input.

Sometimes, the small calculator windows of other apps get lost on your screen and finding it would waste precious seconds. Always on Top Calculator will be on the foreground of your screen regardless of which application is currently active. This will help you make quick calculations when you need to.

The aim of the Always on Top Calculator is to eliminate the need to go back and forth between your document / application and your calculator. Although OS X’s built-in calculator app comes with many great features, it surprisingly lacks an option to stay on top.

As far as functions are concerned, the utility comes with standard operations, such as addition, division, multiplication and subtraction, memory recall, memory clear, memory subtract and memory add, as well as the ability to paste a number in its input field.

Overall, Always on Top Calculator does not reinvent the wheel in terms of Mac OS X calculators. In fact, the market is crowded with such apps. However, the benefit of using this calculator is that it can always stay on top of other windows. The elegant and unobtrusive user interface is also a big plus.

Always on Top Calculator was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
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