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Alternative splicing and functional prediction analysis tool






AltAnalyze is an open source and cross-platform utility that will allow you to take RNASeq or relatively raw microarray data (CEL files or normalized), identify predicted alternative splicing or alternative promoter changes and view how these changes may affect protein sequence, domain composition, and microRNA targeting.

AltAnalyze is compatible with any RNASeq data (exons and/or junctions), several Affymetrix splicing sensitive array types (Gene 1.0, Exon 1.0, junction) as well as many conventional array-types (e.g., Illumina, Agilent, Affymetrix).

AltAnalyze can be used either as a command-line or as a graphical user interface based app, and it requires no advanced knowledge of bioinformatics programs or scripting.

Alternative regulated exons can be subsequently visualized in the context of proteins, domains and microRNA binding sites with the Cytoscape Plugin DomainGraph.
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
AltAnalyze - From AltAnalyze's main window you will be able to select the database version and the species you want to analyze.AltAnalyze - The Download File Status window displays the status information related to the downloaded files and databases.AltAnalyze - From AltAnalyze's Main Dataset Parameters you can select the vendor or data type, the species and platform.AltAnalyze - screenshot #4AltAnalyze - screenshot #5

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