15C Scientific Calculator 2.3

An exact replica of the popular HP 15C RPN high-end scientific programmable calculator for the Mac OS X platform with a built-in help system

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What's new in 15C Scientific Calculator 2.3:

  • add copy-to-clipboard function.
  • bug fix on exponent number display by using a fixed width digital font.
  • add comma as keyboard shortcut when using comma as decimal point.
  • optimize keyboard shortcuts to use one character in most cases.
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15C Scientific Calculator15C Scientific Calculator15C Scientific Calculator15C Scientific Calculator
15C Scientific Calculator is a realistic emulator of the analog HP 15C RPN scientific programmable calculator shipped during the 1980s and again in 2011. This digital counterpart is designed to replicate all the functions of the original and use the same calculations and mathematics.

The excellent HP 15C calculator delivers impressive capabilities in terms of scientific calculations that allows users to solve roots of equations and numerical integration. Moreover, it offers support for matrix calculations as well as complex numbers.

The advantage of 15C Scientific Calculator is that it does not require batteries to run if you are running it on an iMac. You can make use of various keyboard shortcuts for different buttons, such as 5 for CF,  6 for F7, 7 for DEG, 8 for RAD and 9 for GRD.

Furthermore, 15C Scientific Calculator comes with a broad set of functions: matrix operations, complex, numbers, numeric integration, root finder, random number generator, factorial and absolute values, probability, hyperbolic trig functions, RPN entry and support for programmability.

Another benefit is the built-in help system and quick start guide. 15C Scientific Calculator also provides extra flexibility in its Preferences window by allowing you to toggle a key click sound when using buttons and use comma instead of period as a decimal point.

In conclusion, 15C Scientific Calculator is worth your money, if you are looking for an all-around scientific calculator. It comes with the same functionality and interface as its analog counterpart, the HP 15C RPN, plus the advantage of being a Mac OS X app.

15C Scientific Calculator was reviewed by , last updated on December 2nd, 2013

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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