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A well-designed and user-friendly torrent downloading solution for Mac users that need to manage multiple downloads at the same time

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µTorrent is a lightweight yet powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to simultaneously download multiple torrents, monitor RSS feeds for torrents and limit the download speed according to your working schedule.

Take advantage of the minimalistic interface and focus on your torrents

µTorrent comes with a simple and intuitive interface that helps you load torrent files, add torrent addresses and RSS feeds with ease. The top toolbar allows you to start, stop and remove a download from the list while the built-in search form helps you filter the displayed items as soon as you start typing.

All added torrents are automatically organized in different groups depending on their status. Thus, you can view only your active, inactive, completed and downloading torrents with just a click of a mouse buttons.

Label and organize your downloads according to the desired criteria

For even a better organization system, you can also use custom labels to group torrent based on user definable criteria. For example, you can label DMG torrents, movies, apps or music and keep them organized at all times.

The context menu helps you open or reveal a torrent in your Finder, Copy the Magnet URI and start, force start or stop the currently selected download. In addition, you can remove a torrent from the list, remove the torrent file along with the data files or all related files.

Prioritize your torrents and increase or decrease the download speed accordingly

Moreover, you can move an item up or down the queue, change its label or priority and change the bandwidth allocation to high, low or normal. You can also set a download or upload speed limit. The Advanced submenu helps you reset Bans, clear the peer list and set the download location.

µTorrent also helps you view the active trackers, view the file and peer list and analyze the download and upload speed for the selected torrent. By accessing the Preferences window, you can also enforce a transfer cap for downloads, uploads or both, set a seed ratio and customize µTorrent according to your needs.

µTorrent was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 24th, 2015

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