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A Cocoa based Terminal emulation program designed to provide an intuitive and user friendly experience when working with the Mac OS X command line.

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The Mac OS X iTerm project is designed to offer access to a terminal emulation that includes support for most common functions. The project is no longer under development, but can run on both older operating systems, such as Tiger and Leopard, and on more recent architectures (Mavericks included).

Terminal emulator that enables you to personalize its interface and behavior

Via the iTerm graphical user interface you will have access to most command line capabilities, but the app also packs a collection of useful tools that will streamline your workflow.

Most notably, iTerm comes with a tabbed design which means that you can open multiple locations and work with more that one tool at the same time. In addition, you can also navigate between them with minimal effort.

Moreover, via the iTerm Preferences window you can change the tab style (Metal, Aqua, Unified, or Adium), the default location (top or bottom), and decide to use compact tab labels. The same area allows you to customize the mouse behavior, setup the URL schemes that should be handled by the app, and more.

Includes support for defining bookmarks or keyboard, terminal, and display profiles

The iTerm application also comes with a bookmarks manager that you can employ to define new commands and organize them by folder. This is useful because you can employ bookmarked commands to handle certain URLs automatically.

Furthermore, for each command you can define various keyboard, terminal, and display profiles: this way you can make specific settings for each case with minimal effort. To learn more about how everything works, navigate to the Help panel and read the extensive documentation.

Forthright terminal emulator packed with features designed to increase you efficiency

iTerm offers you the possibility to work with command line tools in a clean, organized and user friendly environment. The app also enables you to define commands that can handle certain URLs by default, hence reducing the time you spend making the necessary adjustments.

iTerm was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 4th, 2014

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