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Well structured Mac OS X application that provides support for quickly creating beautiful, stylish layouts for your eBay auctions.

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iSale is an eBay selling tool that can be used to create new, professional looking auctions, but also to keep track of the event’s status, contact details, payment, shipping, or feedback. To simplify your work, iSale comes with a collection of templates and layouts that you have the option to personalize.

Forthright eBay selling tool that can help you post and monitor auctions

Each time you create a new auction using iSale, you must select the template you want to employ, and then populate the entry with relevant information, such as the quantity, eBay site, location, category, starting price, auction duration, handling time, and so on.

The following steps are quite intuitive: once you are satisfied with the auction posting, you can publish it on your eBay account, and start monitoring its progress. iSale allows you to see all your auctions, enables you to sort them by various categories, and can help you handle the shipping details.

Effortlessly edit the auction listing using intuitive actions

While in auction editing mode, you can replace the default layouts with any pattern available in the Layout panel: simply drag and drop the element on top of the auction window. Moreover, iSale comes with a Research Assistant that can help you perform web searches, and a Location panel where you can browse the world map.

Last but not least, before publishing the auction, you have the option to preview the posting within the iSale app. Of course, you must authorize the iSale app to use your eBay account to actually submit the listing to the website.

eBay selling tool designed to handle the auction publishing and tracking tasks in a streamlined manner

The iSale auction editing functionalities are not extensive, but the app does include a collection of templates that might match your needs. However, the app proves to be very useful if you need to monitor multiple auctions, and keep track of the shipment details.

iSale was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 3rd, 2015

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