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Bittorrent client written in Erlang that allows you to easily and quickly download torrent files from the Internet at any given time.





Etorrent's main focus is on scalability and robustness when regarding the number of torrents you use it with.

This is why it allows a large number of torrent but provides lower speeds than other similar applications.

On top of that, eTorrent was built mainly for unattended operation, which means that you just need to choose the files to download.

Getting started:
· Check Makefile.config for the right configuration options
· run 'make'
· create 'lib/etorrent-1.0/priv/etorrent.config' there is an example file in the same dir.
· run 'make run' which will spawn etorrent in a running configuration.
· drop a .torrent file in the watched dir and see what happens.
· call etorrent:help(). from the Erlang CLI to get a list of available commands.

Supported BEPs:
BEP 03 - BitTorrent Specification Protocol
BEP 04 - Number Allocations Protocol
BEP 05 - A protocol for working with DHT
BEP 10 - Extension Protocol
BEP 12 - Metadata Extension Protocol
BEP 15 - UDP Tracker Protocol
Last updated on August 29th, 2011
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