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A simple, clean and very easy-to-use application that helps you bookmark and organize various webpages with just a couple of mouse clicks

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Stache is a well-designed and user-friendly Mac OS X application that provides a simple and practical bookmark management solution for everyday use.

Helps you handle and share your bookmarks

Thanks to Stache you can easily collect multiple webpages that you find interesting, but you don’t have enough time to enjoy their content.

By using Stache, you can re-discover useful or inspiring webpages from within an intuitive and smooth-running interface.

From Stache’s main window you have access to all gathered bookmarks, which are accompanied by beautiful thumbnails that make it easy for you to find a certain page even without using the built-in search form.

Preview webpages directly from within Stache

The toolbar helps you add new bookmarks, trash existing ones and also allows you to share your favorite webpages via Email, Messages, Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, the features search form enables you to effortlessly filter the displayed bookmarks and find any given page with a few keystrokes.

It is worth mentioning that Stache is capable to take full page screenshots that you can preview by hitting the “space” key after selecting any given bookmark. The Quick Look Preview feature helps you have a look at the page without opening it in your web browser.

Quickly add bookmarks via web browser extensions

What is more, Stache offers web browser extensions for Google Chrome and Safari, which you can use to add new bookmarks to your list. On top of that, Stache provides a bookmarklet that you can use with other web browsers in order to send pages to the app.

Moreover, Stache seamlessly integrates with iCloud, fact that allows you to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers and even iOS devices with ease. By accessing the File menu, you can synchronize the bookmarks, import new ones or export your entire list to a HTMl bookmark file.

Although we liked the visual representation of the collected bookmarks, we could not notice the lack of sorting options and thumbnail size adjustment tools. Hopefully, future updates will bring new features and improvements that will make Stache a must have for most Mac users.

Stache was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 4th, 2014
Stache - From Stache's main window you can view all webpages bookmarked using Stache.Stache - The side panel helps you change the page title, write a short description and add tags.Stache - By accessing the Share drop down menu, you can share the selected page with just a few mouse clicks.StacheStacheStache

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