aria2 1.18.9

A powerful, open source, command line utility that enables you to download files from the Internet, using the HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent, and Metalink protocols.

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What's new in aria2 1.18.9:

  • This releases fixes memory leak with OpenSSL and crash on OS X when proxy is used. We added several new features. Adler32 checksum is now available in --checksum option and hash element in Metalink files. We added --bt-detach-seed-only option, which excludes seed-only downloads when counting concurrent active downloads (-j option). We disabled SSLv3 by default. If you ever want to enable it or further tune the TLS protocols to enable, use new --min-tls-version option. --bt-force-encryption option was added to make requiring BitTorrent full encryption easier. From this release, we build Android binary using API level 16.
  • Changes:Support HTTP date ending "+0000" as well as "GMT".
Revise getRandom facilities
Added debug log of all Metalink URLs with final priorities
Use gcc-4.9 and android-16 API level for android build
Add --bt-force-encryption option
TLS: Fix memory leak with OpenSSL
Warn about insecure SSL connections
Add --min-tls-version option
LibsslTLSContext: Disable SSLv3 and enable ECDHE cipher suites
  • Add Dockerfile.mingw
Fix crash when JSON batch response vector is empty
Fix doc: Wrong rpc secret token prefix
Add --bt-detach-seed-only option
mingw: Use MoveFileExW for better atomic move
Work around libintl's vprintf macro messing with OutputFile::vprintf
Fix crash on OS X when proxy is used
Support Adler32 checksum
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Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa
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2 aria2 Screenshots:
aria2 is an easy to use Mac OS X  tool that enables you to download files over the Internet by making use of various protocols, such as FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, Metalink, or BitTorrent.

Since aria2 is designed to maximize the available bandwidth, downloading packages with this lightweight utility is a lot faster. The drawback for some users might be the fact that aria2 comes with a command line interface. Nonetheless, aria2 can also be handled by XML-RPC or JSON-RPC interfaces.

Quick to install command line tool for downloading files

aria2 comes with a package installer that takes care of the deployment process: simply follow the instructions and provide the administrator password. To use the tool, launch the Terminal app and open the aria2 help to view the usage instructions (type the “aria2c -h” command).

Within the Terminal window you will see a list with all supported commands, their functionalities, and how to trigger them. What’s more, the developers also provide an online manual that can help you get started.
Essentially, to start a download, you must summon the app in the Terminal and provide the download URL. aria2 can deal with HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, BitTorrent, or Metalink URLs. In addition, you can use multiple sources, and multiple connections per host.

Powerful downloader tool that can maximize the use of the available bandwidth

aria2 provides support for segmented download, which means that you can establish multiple connections to the same server. As a result, transferring a file to your computer requires much less time. Even then, once the download process starts, aria2 runs in the background, without requiring any user interaction.

Note that aria2 provides support for various downloading related tasks: it can deal with authentication procedures, verifying security certificates, managing proxy variables, running selective download jobs, and so on.

aria2 was reviewed by , last updated on February 10th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (-)

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