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Open source Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) replacement application that provides you with basic features and instant messaging tools

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Switching to a Mac does not necessarily mean that you must automatically shun away all your Microsoft Live Messenger friends. aMSN is a Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) replacement application that provides basic instant messaging tools and features.

aMSN works like most applications of its kind: you must log in with you Microsoft Live credentials, select the log in status and press the “Sign In” button (additional options include: “Remember my account”, “Remember password” and “Auto-connect when aMSN starts”).

The aMSN main window should not raise any issues even to most inexperienced users: on top you can view your account name, status and the number of unread emails. The main area is reserved for your friends lists, organized into different categories: Favorites, Mobile, Offline and any other user defined groups.

To start chatting, simply double click on the desired contact name: aMSN will open a Chat Window where you can send and receive messages. aMSN provides support for using emoticons, Voice Clips or sending and receiving files. You may also share you webcam feed or invite other friends to join the conversation. Additionally, you can block certain contacts.

aMSN comes with extensive contact management, sorting and viewing options: you can organize your friends into different groups, sort each group by status or name, you can choose to view the contact nickname or email address and more.

aMSN logs your conversations and you are able to view both your chat history and details about your webcam sessions. aMSN offers you the possibility to customize your account details and the application interface via the Preferences window.

Most aMSN functions represent the standard when it comes to instant messaging, which makes it fairly easy to use. All in all, aMSN represents a great solution if you are looking to keep in touch with people that are using the Microsoft Live Messenger service.

aMSN was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 29th, 2013
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