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A minimalist Mac OS X status bar menu application that allows you to quickly upload your files to the ZeoSpace servers in order to be shared or backed up.

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Sharing files and folders with your friends or coworkers can prove to be challenging without using a cloud storage solution. ZeoSpace allows you to take advantage of the ZeoSpace online storage space and provides a simple, intuitive solution for uploading the data.

Minimalist yet efficient interaction

When launched, ZeoSpace will place a small icon in your status bar: to upload files or folders to the ZeoSpace servers, simply drag them on top of the menu icon, decide if you want to share or backup the data, and drop them on top of the appropriate area.

Share or backup data

When you choose to share data, ZeoSpace will upload the content to the server and then provides a link to the webpage hosting the information. This link will be automatically placed on your clipboard and can be then shared with anyone you like.

On the other hand, when you select the backup action, the information will be placed in your ZeoSpace account and will remain accessible only to you. To use the backup functionality though, you must register for an ZeoSpace account beforehand.

Free ZeoSpace account

You have the opportunity to register for a ZeoSpace storage account free of charge, but keep in mind that the storage space is limited to 1GB. Of course, you can upgrade your plan and get more space, if you are willing to pay for a subscription.

You can take advantage of the ZeoSpace capabilities without registering for an account, but you cannot perform backups or monitor your history, and the links for the shared files will be available only for 7 days.

Unsophisticated sharing solution

ZeoSpace is a great tool to have around if you need to quickly share files or even entire folders without too much hustle. However, take into consideration that you will be sharing information publicly.

ZeoSpace was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 22nd, 2014
ZeoSpace - The ZeoSpace status bar menu allows you to share or backup your files.ZeoSpace - Once the upload is finished, ZeoSpace displays a confirmation message that contains the file link.ZeoSpace - In the ZeoSpace Preferences window you can quickly log in to your ZeoSpace account and more.

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