YaCy 1.72

Web search engine that consists mainly of four parts: a web crawler, an indexer, a built-in database engine and the p2p index exchange protocol, based on HTTP
YaCy - The Peer administration console where you can view all the managing options.
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The YaCy search engine may be accessed through the built-in http server. All parts of this architecture are included in the YaCy distribution.

YaCy has a built-in HTTP server, and the user interface is realized as web pages on the own web server. A search request to YaCy is done inside your web browser.

A web search engine can only search web pages that had been crawled, which means that all pages of subpages (and so on) of a start point had been loaded. YaCy has an integrated web crawler.

Before a huge number of web pages can be searched efficiently, the pages must be indexed. This is a very difficult process which runs inside YaCy without any user action. After indexing of web pages a single YaCy installation is able to provide search results from more that 10 million of web pages efficiently.

Installation: Just decompress the archive and run the start script, then open http://localhost:8080.

Main features:

  • Peer-to-Peer Web Search Engine:
  • Anonymous and uncensored search in a distributed and community-driven network of search-engine peers.
  • Personal Search Appliance:
  • Create your own search portal with up to 10 million pages in your private web index.

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May 8th, 2014, 4:32 GMT
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Michael Christen
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Mac OS X
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17 Screenshots
YaCy - The accounts can be configured from here.YaCy - You can control the Hypertext cache this way.YaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCy
What's New in version 1.4
  • This release includes mainly a deeper Solr integration, much more Solr fields are filled, Solr has now mutli-core capabilities and a second core with a webgraph was added (but deactivated for further testing).
  • The opensearch result writer of the integrated solr has now all the features as the original opensearch result servlet of YaCy had, and the file search interface “yacyinteractive” now uses this new result writer instead the old one. The search of that interface is now much faster.
  • The default search process has undergone a full re-design and a lot of testing was done to fix problems with the to-solr migration. The normal (local) search is now very fast, especially in portal mode and even in p2p mode.
  • The ranking was strongly enhanced, there is now a support for flexible field boosts, boost functions and boost queries (see servlet /RankingSolr_p.html). All these ranking functions had been made editable and there is a new configuration sevlet for this. Furthermore, there are several ranking
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