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Web search engine that consists mainly of four parts: a web crawler, an indexer, a built-in database engine and the p2p index exchange protocol, based on HTTP





The YaCy search engine may be accessed through the built-in http server. All parts of this architecture are included in the YaCy distribution.

YaCy has a built-in HTTP server, and the user interface is realized as web pages on the own web server. A search request to YaCy is done inside your web browser.

A web search engine can only search web pages that had been crawled, which means that all pages of subpages (and so on) of a start point had been loaded. YaCy has an integrated web crawler.

Before a huge number of web pages can be searched efficiently, the pages must be indexed. This is a very difficult process which runs inside YaCy without any user action. After indexing of web pages a single YaCy installation is able to provide search results from more that 10 million of web pages efficiently.

Installation: Just decompress the archive and run the start script, then open http://localhost:8080.
Last updated on January 26th, 2015
YaCy - The Peer administration console where you can view all the managing options.YaCy - The accounts can be configured from here.YaCy - You can control the Hypertext cache this way.YaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCyYaCy

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