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A native Mac OS X torrent client featuring a highly intuitive interface and various advanced options that make it suitable for every day use







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Xtorrent is an elegant and highly accessible torrent application for Mac OS X. Xtorrent combines the looks of a modern user interface with basic functionality that everyone can use with ease.

Xtorrent features a powerful search functions that enables you to enter a search expression. Tthe app will automatically display torrents from Google or from licensed media sites such as LegitTorrents or clearbits. Additionally, you can even browse the contents of torrents.

What's more, you have full control over the search engines that are used to find your torrents. From the Searching tab of the preferences, you can select the search engines you prefer or add new ones. There's even an option to ignore website cookies for enhanced privacy.

Furthermore, all active downloads are displayed in a straightforward list. You can view the file's name, download speed and time remaining. You can also view some more advanced details about your downloading torrent below the torrent list.

The Preferences window also enables you to toggle several visual options. Moreover, you can choose to automatically load .torrents that are located in specified folders from the Downloads tab of the preferences.

Of course, you can also select the default download folder for your torrents and choose to always confirm location when opening new torrents.

iTunes integration is also included in the Xtorrent application. You can enable the ability to automatically open downloaded media files in iTunes and add them to a certain playlist.

The Advanced tab of the preferences allows you to set a global download and upload bandwidth limit. Another interesting option is disabling global bandwidth limits during a predefined time of the day.
Last updated on November 27th, 2012

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