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A free and privacy-oriented Internet browser based on the Chromium engine that features pre-defined security settings and much more

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Aviator is a free Chromium-based web browser for the Mac OS X platform that focuses on delivering a highly secure web-browsing experience. The browser provides preconfigured security settings designed to eliminate the risk of being a target of hackers and malicious software.

For the most part, Aviator looks the same as any other Chromium-based browser. The difference is the blue title bar and the app icon on the top right corner. Moreover, if you are familiar with Google Chrome, then you will definitely learn Aviator very quickly.

At first launch, you will see a “Protected” button on the address bar, that indicates that you are browsing in the “protected” mod, which does not log your browser cache, cookies and history in order to protect your online security. What’s more, Aviator comes with the Disconnect extension installed by default.

The Disconnect extension reveals what 3rd party sites are tracking you on the webpage and displays them on a toolbar. Another extension that comes by default is Google Docs. You can uninstall these extensions from the Extensions page and install new ones from the Chrome Web Store.

Furthermore, the Aviator browser also disables ads on every page by default and prevents suspicious webpages from accessing your firewalls, routers or websites. In addition to this, Aviator blocks all cookies, but allows you to manage them, if you wish to keep some.

As expected, Aviator supports most other features that come with Chromium. For instance, the versatile bookmark bar and manager, searching directly from the address bar, managing downloads, viewing documents and much more.

All in all, WhiteHat’s Aviator is a versatile web browser that provides a thick layer of security to your browsing activity. The purpose of Aviator is to prevent hackers from accessing your online accounts and to eliminate unwanted tracking.

Aviator was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 13th, 2015
Aviator - From the main window, you can browse webpages, add the to the bookmarks bar, etc.Aviator - In the right-click menu of a link, you can send it to a new tab or window, save the link or copy it.Aviator - The protected mode can be checked from the location bar.AviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviatorAviator

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