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Firefox / SeaMonkey add-on that helps webmasters work better with the SAPE exchange interface





Webmaster Firefox and SeaMonkey is a browser add-on that will help webmasters to optimize their work in the interface of SAPE exchange.

Optimize interface:
· Checking for paste together of TIC and PageRank of pages with placed links.
· Selective export of placed links into text file (ticked links are exported)
· Control of URL of purchased pages and new requests
· Checking of YAP, YAL, GC directly in the exchange interface
· Display PageRank of purchased pages and TIC of websites without waiting for recalculation
· Export of local and global blacklists
· Export of notifications into text file

Webmaster interface:
· Checking of actual value of PageRank of website pages
· Export of optimization links into a text file and form of fast ticking of the list of URLs on page with placed links
· Checking of indexing of pages, on which optimization links refer, in Yandex
· Checking of indexing of website pages in Yandex
· Display of current dollar rate and currency calculator on funds withdrawal page
· Export of local and global blacklists
· Fast elimination of spam-requests using a set of corresponding filters on page with new requests
· Control of URL of pages prior to moderation of platform
· Ability to display value of TIC of optimizers’ sites

Filter of requests:
Fast allocation and marking of the following types of requests:
· without Russian letters
· with three same words in the text
· starting not with letters, but with numbers (dot at the beginning and so on)
· containing dual, indissoluble blanks and tabulation symbols
· with two same words in a row
· longer than 75 symbols
· any other customer filter, set by a regular expression
· in which two pairs of same words are present
· longer than 50 symbols
· only capital letters

Webmaster SAPE is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Last updated on July 5th, 2013
Webmaster SAPE - From the context menu of the add-on bar icon, you will be able to open SAPE, or show / hide the filters panel.Webmaster SAPE - You can configure the SAPE requests in the first tab of the Preferences.Webmaster SAPE - Various Yandex related settings can be adjusted in the next tab.Webmaster SAPEWebmaster SAPEWebmaster SAPEWebmaster SAPEWebmaster SAPE

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