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A powerful and versatile web security testing utility that enables you to check and reveal various data related to security in web apps and web services

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WebScarab is a comprehensive and cross-platform Java-based application specially made to help you analyze the network traffic of various apps that communicate with other hosts over the web using HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

A free and open source web security testing app for developers and security specialists

WebScarab is designed to operate as an intercepting proxy that enables you to review and modify requests create by the web browser before they are sent to the server and also helps you review and modify responses returned from the server before they are received by the browser.

With WebScarab’s help you can intercept both HTTPs and HTTP connections and offers you the option to review the traffic that passes through the app.

It is worth mentioning that in order for you to use WebScarab in order to capture browser requests, you are required to configure your web browser to use as a network proxy. This configuration enables WebScarab to capture the traffic between your Mac and all remote hosts that it reaches.

Debug complex problems and reveal hidden vulnerabilities

WebScarab comes as an answer for Mac users that need to reveal the workings of an HTTP and HTTPS based application. WebScarab also aims to help developers debug various problems and allows security experts to expose vulnerabilities hidden within the app.

The list of functions and plugins that come with WebScarab is pretty impressive and it can help you tackle most security issues that an app or service might have.

Take advantage of the featured plugins and check the security of targeted app or server

As follows, the Fragments plugin enables you to extract Scripts and HTML comments from HTML pages while the Proxy plugin helps you monitor the traffic between your browser and the web server.

Furthermore, WebScarab helps emulate a slower network and reveal how a website performs when accessed over a modem or via a slow connection.

On top of that, WebScarab allows you to write a script in order to create requests and fetch them from the server. In addition, the script could analyze the responses and take advantage of WebScarab’s Request and Response object model to make things easier.

WebScarab was reviewed by , last updated on July 26th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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