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A FTP client application for Mac OS X that offers you the possibility to connect to multiple servers, and mounts the remote server as a local device

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WebDrive is a Mac OS X FTP client that has a unique approach towards file transfers: the utility mounts the remote serves as local drives.

As a result, you get to manage the files via the Finder, to open or edit files without downloading, and so on.

User-friendly file transfer solution that works with popular protocols or cloud services

To simplify the deployment process, WebDrive comes with a package installer that deals with everything, including installing OSXFuse if necessary.

In addition, WebDrive comes with predefined connection settings that can help you connect to various services, such as Google Drive, Cornerstone, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive with minimal effort.

WebDrive is able to connect to cloud storage service, but it can also deal with the FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Secure WebDAV protocols, so you can also connect to Amazon S3 servers.

Mount remote serves as local drives to create an intuitive user experience

The best part when it comes to working with WebDrive is the fact that the content of the remote server becomes more easily accessible.

The “virtual” drive acts as a local drive, so you will be able to interact with files without having to transfer them to your drive.

Once connected, the content of the remote server will be listed in a separate Finder window, and you can open and edit files, playback media content, and so on.

Since you can open the files, you can easily verify their content before actually taking the time to download the data.

Unsophisticated file transfer tool that is easy to use even by inexperienced operators

After the initial server setup, which is quite straightforward to begin with, all the user interaction is conducted through the Finder window which is extremely intuitive.

However, if you want to connect to a new server, you must relaunch the application because the status bar menu does not remain active.

Adding the list of available servers to the WebDrive menulet and allowing you to connect through the status bar would be a very good idea productivity wise.

WebDrive was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 26th, 2015
WebDrive - From WebDrive' status bar menu you will be able to check for updates and open the Preferences windowWebDrive - By accessing WebDrive's main window you can quickly set-up FTP, FTPs, S3, Google Drive, and other types of server connectionsWebDrive - Via the WebDrive Preferences window you can easily enables the logging functions and choose the appropriate mode: standard, verbose, or debugWebDrive - screenshot #4WebDrive - screenshot #5WebDrive - screenshot #6WebDrive - screenshot #7

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