Web Console 0.9.5

Web Console - Execute shell commands on a web server directly from a browser

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What's new in Web Console 0.9.5:

  • First PHP-based version of Web Console.
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Nick Kovalev and Max Kovalev
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Web Console
Web Console is an open source and web-based application that will allow to execute shell commands on a web server directly from a browser.

Web Console is a web-based application that allows remote users to execute UNIX/Windows shell commands on a server, upload/download files to/from server, edit text files directly on a server and much more.

Web Console is represented as a web page that accepts user input such as a command, executes that command on a remote web server, and shows command output in a browser. As well, simple and functional file manager build-in into the application.

Web Console is open-source software written on Perl using AJAX technology.The application is very light, does not require any database, and can be uploaded, configured and ready to use in about 10 minutes (also, it does not need server administrator permissions for installation).

You can use Web Console to:
■ Execute shell commands on the server.
■ Administer and maintain your website or computer from anywhere using Internet.
■ Upload/download files to/from server using web interface.
■ Edit text files directly on the server through browser window.
■ Execute backup and restore routines for files and databases.
■ Setup server scheduled tasks.
■ Easily debug your scripts.
■ Check the web server environment variables.
■ Change server file permissions, locations and directory structure.

Here are some key features of "Web Console":

■ Very easy installation and configuration.
■ No need server administrator permissions for installation.
■ Can be installed on shared web hosting.
■ Uses AJAX, so it works like a real shell terminal.
■ Access to Web Console is protected by login/password authentication.
■ File management, editing, uploading and downloading.
■ Command line history support.
■ Right-click copy/paste support.
■ SSL support (you can secure all Web Console traffic using HTTPS protocol).


■ Operating System: Mac, Unix-like, Windows or any that capable of running Perl.
■ Web server: any that capable of running Perl (Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, IIS, etc.).
■ Middleware: Perl.

Client (user):
■ Operating System: any OS (Mac, Windows, Unix-like, etc.).
■ Web Browser: any browser that support AJAX technology (Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).

Last updated on February 20th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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