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Easy to use Java based application that offers you the possibility to effortlessly find, preview and download movies or TV series.

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VidMasta is a small but powerful Mac app designed to help you find, watch online or download movies or TV series in a streamlined manner. The utility runs on the Java platform, which means that you must have the Java runtime environment deployed on your computer beforehand.

Effortless to install and remove software solution for downloading and watching movies

The VidMasta software package comes with its own installer that takes care of everything: simply confirm the process by providing the admin password, and the installer will create a VidMasta folder in the Applications directory.

To run the utility simply launch the VidMasta .jar file that has been placed in this folder. Moreover, if you want to remove the utility from your computer, launch the companion uninstaller to make sure all the dependencies are trashed.

Find movies, start watching them, or download the videos to your Mac

VidMasta provides a list of popular TV shows or movies that you can browse, but also enables you to search for specific titles, and filter the results by genre, type, rating, release date, or video quality.

For each entry, you can read the summary and view the associated artwork, watch the trailer, play or download the video. Noteworthy is that VidMasta filters the untrusty  sources, tries to find the best download links, and can also provide subtitles for the videos.

Powerful yet easy to use utility for watching and downloading media content

In addition, VidMasta allows you to set the number of results per search page, the default language, the connection time out value, the maximum download size, or the default downloader app. You also have the option to use proxies, and to save up to 9 usage profiles that have custom configurations.

VidMasta greatly reduces the time spent finding viable download links for movies and TV shows: via a well organized user interface you can perform searches and filter the results, or browse the lists of popular titles. The next step is to start playing the videos on the spot, or download them to your Mac for later viewing.

VidMasta was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 24th, 2015
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