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The official Mac OS X Twitter desktop client that allows you to quickly access your account, browse your friends tweets, post your own and more.

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Twitter is a compact application and the “vetted” desktop client for the services. Simply log in with you credentials and you will be able to post new tweets, view the ones posted by your friends, search for specific terms and much more.

Twitter comes with an intuitive design and does not claim to much space on your desktop. Most functions can be accessed via panels activated from the left sided window toolbar: you home page, the list of users that want to connect with you, your messages or lists, your user details (timeline, mentions, favorites and profile) or the search bar.

In addition, the New Tweet button from the bottom of the main window enables you to quickly post a news tweet, with or without an attached image. The drop down menu situated right next to that button allows you to open the New Tweet or New Direct Message windows or to mark all messages as read.

Most included functions have a keyboard shortcut assigned and you can navigate the app’s menus to view them. For example, Command+N will open a new tweet window while Command+Return will actually post the message.

The Twitter app comes with a status bar menu that enables you to directly access the Home, Connect or Messages panel but, via the Preferences window it can be simply disabled. A more interesting choice, though, it would be activating the “Show/hide app” effect: the app’s visibility will be toggled by a mouse click.

The Twitter app is able to work with multiple accounts at the same time and allows you to customize the notifications rules for each user.  Further personalization options include the possibility to have the list automatically scrolled to top when new tweets arrive.

Using your Twitter account via a web browser can be challenging: the Twitter app represents the perfect way to deal with you account’s activity from your desktop.

Twitter was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
Twitter - In the Twitter main window you can view your timeline, choose to post new tweets and more.Twitter - In the tweet details panel you can view all the activity related to a certain post.Twitter - screenshot #3Twitter - screenshot #4Twitter - In the Twitter Preferences window you can easily set up as many accounts as you wish.Twitter - screenshot #6Twitter - screenshot #7

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