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Cross-platform and open source Firefox extension designed to provide a highly customizable bot for the popular Travian online strategy game

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Travian bot is an open-source Firefox extension designed to provide a highly customizable bot for the popular online strategy game, Travian. Even though using bots in Travian is against the rules, many players still choose to do so in order to boost up their gameplay.

The Travian bot can be easily accessed via the Tools menu, where a "Travian Bot" menu item can be seen after installing the add-on. You can use the menu item to start the Bot or access the preferences.

From the Preferences window, you can add the Travian domain which you want to access. You can also block or allow JavaScript for the listed domains. In addition, you can set the Delays in milliseconds, set a custom sound notification, and enable an option to log into your MSN account automatically.

In order to configure your bot, you will need to specify a valid domain or import settings from an XML file. You also have an option to import website-generated data from the inactive villages via the service.

If you're familiar with DOM, you can use the DOM Inspector window for visualizing data and debugging. It can be invoked from its menu item on the status bar.

As for what you can actually do with the bot, here are the sections / tabs you can manage and customize: building rules, resource sending, troop training, troop sending, delays, and more. To each of these sections, you can add filters and sort items as preferred. You can sort items by the type of the rule, max population, target village, etc., depending on the tab.

As you explore the bot further, you'll find dozens of other details and options regarding your resources, troops, and the task automation process. A user manual is also included within the bot.

All things considered, the Travain bot extension for Firefox is a reliable tool featuring a flexible catalog of settings and options. You can rely on it whenever you need to automate your tasks in Travian.

Travian bot was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 12th, 2013
Travian bot - From the Tools menu, you can access the Preferences window or start the bot.Travian bot - By accessing the preferences, you can add domains, configure the delays and enable the MSN notifier.Travian bot - While inside the Travian Bot window, you can select on of the bots, nation, village and then set the building rules.Travian bot - screenshot #4Travian bot - screenshot #5Travian bot - screenshot #6Travian bot - screenshot #7Travian bot - screenshot #8Travian bot - screenshot #9Travian bot - screenshot #10

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