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Open source and Java based web server designed to provide its users with a pure and simple to use Java platform for running web apps
Apache Tomcat makes it possible to power various mission-critical and large-scale web apps across a large range of industries.

Moreover, Apache Tomcat comes with the needed tools for quick and simple management and configuration, but it may also speedily be configured via a number of XML configuration files.

When creating a website that also features Java based code and applets, Apache Tomcat can be used to run them instead of the user’s web browser.

Thus, you will be able to considerably improve your web application's reliability, as well as the response time for the end user.

Apache Tomcat's main components are the HTTP connector, the servlet container, and the JSP engine that makes it possible to run the dynamic web content.

Thus, the communication between the clients and the server is handled by the HTTP connector which will listen to the TCP connections, automatically sending all incoming requests to the JSP Engine.

This component will also send the feedback back to the connected clients, once the requests have been processed.

All in all, mainly because of its large development community and vast set of features, Apache Tomcat can be used as a practical solution for both large companies and small users that want to use Java applets and components within their websites.

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June 27th, 2014, 6:50 GMT
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Apache Software Foundation
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Mac OS X
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Apache Tomcat - This is the usage message displayed by Tomcat's Catalina component when running it as a command line utility without parameters.
What's New in This Release:
  • Catalina:
  • Fix: 55282: Ensure that one and the same application listener is added only once when starting the web application. (violetagg)
  • Fix: 55975: Apply consistent escaping for double quote and backslash characters when escaping cookie values. (markt)
  • Code: 56387: Improve the code that handles an attempt to load a class after a web application has been stopped. Use common code to handle this case regardless of the access path and don't throw an exception purely to log a stack trace. (markt)
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