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Open source and Java based web server designed to provide its users with a pure and simple to use Java platform for running web apps

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Apache Tomcat is a free and open source web server specially made to help you deploy and use a reliable Java platform for your web applications.

A “pure Java” HTTP web server environment for your Java code

Apache Tomcat implements the Java Servlet along with the JavaServer Pages specifications from Oracle and delivers a HTTP web server environment where you can run your Java code.

Although Apache Tomcat comes with configuration and management tools, you can also configure it by editing the XML configuration files.

Take advantage of all components and deliver a smooth-running webpage

With Apache Tomcat’s help you can significantly improve your web apps’ reliability and response time for the end users. When it comes to creating websites that feature Java based code and applets, Apache Tomcat allows you to use it to run them instead of the user’s web browser.

Between Apache Tomcat’s main components you will find the HTTP connector, the JSP engine that makes it possible to run the dynamic web content and the servlet container.

As follows, the communication between the clients and the server is carried by the HTTP connector, which also listens to the TCP connections in order to automatically send all incoming request to the JSP engine.

Once the request have been processed, the above mentioned component also sends the feedback to the connected clients.

Powers your large-scale web applications

Thanks to Cluster, another Apache Tomcat component, you can manage large application and use it for load balancing. At the same time, the user-based and system-based web application enhancement adds support for deployment across a wide variety of environments.

Apache Tomcat enjoys a large development community and a long list of features, a fact that makes it a reliable solution for individual users as well as large companies interested in using Java applets and other components within their webpage.

Apache Tomcat was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 1st, 2015
Apache Tomcat - This is the usage message displayed by Tomcat's Catalina component when running it as a command line utility without parameters.

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