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A popular extension for Google Chrome, Opera Next and other Blink-based browsers that makes you browser compatible with GreaseMonkey

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Tampermonkey is a reliable and free web browser extension that aims to enable you to effortlessly manage userscripts for various Blink-based Internet browsers such as Chrome CoolNovo or Opera Next.

Powerful userscript manager for Blink based web browsers

Moreover, the Tampermonkey add-on offers better support when managing userscripts compared to Google Chrome's native support.

Furthermore, one of the most important features of Tampermonkey is its handy ability to help you view what scripts are running, and the simple manner of installing and auto-updating scripts.

Another worth mentioning Tampermonkey feature is the fact that it can be used to load and run userscripts that cannot be used with Google Chrome itself.

Simple and intuitive user interface for easily managing your userscripts collection

Once installed, Tampermonkey will display a button on the upper right corner of your web browser, on the toolbar.

Clicking it will open the extension’s main menu that you can use to check for userscript updates, for viewing which scripts are running, to add new scripts, to access the dashboard and more.

Inbuilt userscript editor with bundled JSLint syntax checker

As a supplemental advantage, when you need to edit or create a new script, Tampermonkey has got you covered: you can use its built-in code editor that features syntax check with JSLint.

In addition, the Tampermonkey extension is cross-platform and it can be used on computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Easy to use and streamlined userscript manager for Blink browsers

Taking everything in consideration, Tampermonkey provides you with a simple and straightforward workflow for managing a large collection of userscripts for boosting your web browser capabilities beyond its standard set of features.

Tampermonkey was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 15th, 2015
Tampermonkey - The toolbar panel provides access to the Dashboard and lets you add new scripts.Tampermonkey - From the Settings tab you will be able to set the configuration mode, language, toggle the native script import and more.

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