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A free and simple to use Firefox add-on that offers you features such as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options and more

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Tab Mix Plus is a handy web browser add-on specially made to enhance Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities and offer you more control over all your opened tabs.

Boosts Firefox’s tab management capabilities

With Tab Mix Plus’ help you can duplicate tabs, undo closed tabs and windows, control tab focus, adjust tab clicking options and more. Additionally, Tab Mix Plus comes with a fully-featured session manager that makes it easy to manage all your opened windows and tabs.

By right-clicking on a tab you can instantly duplicate it, copy the tab URL, lock or protect the tab and view a list with all recently closed tabs. What is more, Tab Mix Plus can be configured to reload any given tab at a user definable time interval.

Gain more control over your tabs and track their status with ease

The great thing about Tab Mix Plus is that it is highly customizable and allows you to personalize the behavior of your web browser when it comes to tab opening, closing, merging and management. As follows, you can open new tabs next to the current one, as well as lock app and new tabs.

Moreover, Tab Mix Plus is capable to shift the focus to tabs open from various sources such as other applications, Address or Search bar, Bookmarks, History and Groups of bookmarks. Tab Mix Plus can be configured to notify you eery tome you try to close multiple windows or tabs.

Reopen previously closed tabs and lock or protect important tabs

As mentioned above, Tab Mix Plus is capable to remember any given number of closed tabs and help you restore any of them with just a click of a mouse button. Tab Mix Plus also offers you the option to customize the highlighting feature, hide or show the “Locked”, “Protected” and “Auto Reload” icons along with the progress meters.

If you are looking for a powerful and highly customizable tab and session manager that can offer you increase control over all your opened tabs and windows, then Tab Mix Plus is the add-on for your browser.

Tab Mix Plus was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
Tab Mix Plus - You will be able to duplicate the tab, add it to a new group, reload it, etc. from its context menu.Tab Mix Plus - From the context menu of pages, you can set it to reload at a specified time interval.Tab Mix Plus - You can configure the behavior of links from the first tab of the preferences window.Tab Mix Plus - screenshot #4Tab Mix Plus - screenshot #5Tab Mix Plus - screenshot #6Tab Mix Plus - screenshot #7Tab Mix Plus - screenshot #8

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