Tab Browser for Mac2.0.0

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A minimalist status bar menu application for the Mac OS X that enables you to easily monitor your favorite website without having to clutter your browser.

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Checking back to a favorite website throughout the day is a common practice but should not interfere with your work too much. Tab Browser is a simple Mac app designed to make the process as unobtrusive as possible.

By using Tab Browser, you are able to eliminate some of your browser clutter, while gaining almost instant access to a specific URL. At launch, Tab Browser will place a new icon on your status bar menu and, each time you press that icon, the app will open a panel where you can browse a user specified webpage.

Note that the Tab Browser window does not come with an address bar: you must set up the initial link in the app’s Preferences window. However, you can follow page links and even go back and forth thanks to the basic browsing buttons placed in the bottom left corner of the Tab Browser main window.

Tab Browser comes with a list of 30 popular websites that you might like to follow, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia and much more. In addition, you can set up a custom URL and you can choose to have the website reloaded each time the panel is opened.

Via the Tab Browser Preferences window, you can adjust the default window size or change the HTTP user agent to automatically adjust the width or height to default values. Noteworthy is that currently each predefined website comes matched with an user agent that best suits the page.

Even though you can set the window width and height manually, these values are limited by the way in which each website responds to different user agents. However, keep in mind that you must press the return button after typing the custom value in the width and height fields for the adjustments to take effect.

To conclude, Tab Browser is a great tool if you want to quickly access a specific website via the status bar menu without interrupting your workflow.

Tab Browser was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 17th, 2014
Tab Browser - In the Tab Browser main window you can view the content of your favorite website.Tab Browser - In the Tab Browser Preferences window you can select the webpage you want to follow from a list of popular websites.Tab Browser - In the Tab Browser Preferences window you can set up a custom URL and choose to have the content refreshed each time you click on the menu bar.

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