Synkmark 1.22.31

A useful and user-oriented application that provides the required tools to synchronize your bookmarks among Firefox, Safari and Chrome

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What's new in Synkmark 1.22.31:

  • Fixed bug in our Firefox Extension which could cause Firefox version 34 or 35 to crash after adding several bookmarks via the Menu Extra, Dock Menu or Keyboard Shortcut. Users will be prompted to update to version 322 of our Firefox extension, which is included in the app.
  • Error 19001 (some other process invoked our Worker incorrectly) is no longer displayed to the user and no longer causes syncing to be paused. It is only logged silently. Also, added some measures to reduce the occurrence of Error 19001, and prevent OS X from restarting an incorrectly-started Worker as though it were an application, if it happens to be interrupted by user logging out or shutting down.
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Synkmark - From Synkmark's main window you cane easily synchronize your bookmarks between your browsers.Synkmark - Thanks to Synkmark, you can also find duplicates and organize your bookmarks.Synkmark - By accessing the Inspector window, you can view detailed information about the selected bookmark.SynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmarkSynkmark
Synkmark is a powerful and intuitive Mac OS X application that enables you to effortlessly manage your bookmarks and synchronize them across your browsers.

Organize and manage your bookmarks with ease

Synkmark comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can easily organize and sort your bookmarks, verify links and find duplicate entries. Synkmark seamlessly works with Apple’s Safari, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Google Chrome and it is also compatible with iCloud, Firefox Sync and also allows you to sync your bookmarks via your Google account.

It is worth mentioning that Synkmark does not use the above mentioned sync services directly. Synkmark organizes and stores your bookmarks locally while Firefox, Safari and Chrome take care of the synchronization with other Macs and devices.

Synchronize tabs across Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Before starting the synchronization process, you need to decide from which browser you want yo import bookmarks and to which app you want to export them to. The Syncing tab from the Preferences window helps you decide and allows you to customize the synching process based on your needs.

Once all your bookmarks are loaded, you can organize them, group them and even edit them with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Thanks to the built-in search form, you can easily filter the displayed bookmarks and find the one you are looking for.

Quickly find and remove duplicates, add tags and check your bookmarks

Moreover, Synkmark is capable to find duplicates, verify bookmarks and display the synchronization log for in-depth analysis and troubleshooting. The Inspector window makes it easy to rename and color code your bookmarks, add tags, write comments and assign shortcuts. You can also view detailed information like the addition or modification date, source browser, visit count, last visited and more.

The file menu helps you import or export bookmarks from a specific browser while the Syncing menu allows you to control the synchronization process.

Synkmark was reviewed by , last updated on January 26th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6 or later (Intel only)

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