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Sync data stored in a specific folder between multiple nodes connected together, while using a web GUI to manage the synchronization details.

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Online cloud storage solutions impose storing your data on third party servers in order to be able to sync files between multiple computers. Syncthing provides an alternative by allowing you to sync the content of a single folder to all connected nodes, without using additional servers.

Manage the service through a web interface

To get started, unpack the Syncthing archive and launch the Syncthing executable by using the (launch the application, and drag and drop the Syncthing executable on top of the window). Syncthing takes care of the rest and automatically opens the app’s web GUI in your default web browser.

Here you can quickly add multiple nodes to your cluster: press the Add button and provide the Node ID, which is available on the target machine. Take into account that your own node must be added in the Syncthing settings of the target node, and that a restart is required (the respective button will be added to the Syncthing web console).

Change the Sync folder

By default, Syncthing is transferring the contents of a Sync folder which has been placed in your user directory. However, you can change that by editing the config.xml file located in the .syncthing folder that the application generates at launch (you must unhide your hidden files to be able to view the folder).

Automatically searches for changes

After the initial set up, Syncthing is able to take care of the synchronization process on its own: it will rescan the data once every 60 seconds, but you can easily change the interval. Other customization options include the possibility to change the reconnect interval, the maximum file change rate, the maximum outstanding requests, and more.

Securely synchronize data between multiple devices

Even though the initial set up can be somehow challenging for inexperienced users, Syncthing  is a great solution if you want to sync data between multiple nodes while keeping the information private because no third party servers are involved.

Furthermore, the transfer is secured by using the TLS protocol, and every node receives its own cryptographic certificate.

Syncthing was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 12th, 2015
Syncthing - In the Syncthing web console you can add as many nodes to your cluster as you like.Syncthing - In the Syncthing Settings panel you can easily adjust the rescan interval.

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